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Support & Documentation

This is the knowledge and technical support site of

Here our customers can request support, review his documentation and Services they have listed with us.

We also offer to our Customers a knowledgebase in Wiki-Format for their Services, in order to keep the information just up-to-date.


Hurricane is specialized in the administrative and monitoring tasks of simple servers or wide netorks. Making no difference Between Physical or Virtual.

Our offices are located at Frankfurt am Main(DE), San Diego (US), Praga (CZ) and Barcelona (ES).

Our team is compound by 2 System Administrators with more than 15 years of Expirience, 2 Network Administrators, 1 Risk Manager and 6 First Level Monitoring and Support Operators.

Our Customer base has different sectors, E-Gaming, Gambling, Adult, E-commerce. Hurricane has managed in the past high availability Environments with arround 20 mio. visits per day.

Core competencies:

  • System Administration
  • Network Struc. & Planification
  • Optimization of Networks & Resources
  • Integration and Deployments
  • Admin. & Maintenance of DBs, SQL -NoSQL, Oracle
  • DDOS/Flooding Managing and Handle.
  • Realtime Monitoring.
  • Decentralized Backups.
  • Security Auditions and Pentests.

Our company has the following certifications:

  • Certified Linux professional WorkForce LPW#49001(08-06)
  • Certified Linux Administrator LCA#10182(04-03)
  • Certified Linux System Engineer LCE#18254(07-05)