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    5353- System Administration 
    54 - Network Struc. & Planing.  
    55 - Optimization of Networks & Resources  
    56 - !OpenSource Software Integration and Deployments 
    57 - Admin. & Maintenance of DBs, SQL -NoSQL, Oracle 
     54 - We keep all your systems up to date, performing all necessary tasks of maintenance and schedules. Making no difference between physical or virtual environments or Servers.  
     55- Network planing and construction . 
     56 - All computerized network should be designed for optimal use, Hurricane takes care of the study and design of the network as well as its task of development and consolidation. 
     57- Optimization of wide or small networks & resources  
     58 - Often just it depends on small changes to finish finding the optimal state of a network. Hurricane we have many years of experience to be able to identify these problems as soon as possible. 
     59- !OpenSource software integration and deployments 
     60 - Nosotros apostamos por el software libre, por la gran ventaja con respecto a software privativo este nos brinda. Ofrecemos soporte a aplicaciones y su mantenimiento. 
     61- Admin. & maintenance of DBs, SQL -NoSQL, Oracle 
     62 - Hurricane has certified Databases Managers with extensive experience in conventional as well as the most modern. 
    5863- DDOS/Flooding Managing and Handle. 
     64 - Due to our long experience in structuring and analysis of computer networks we are able to identify all types of traffic to packet inspection and identification of traffic as malicious and thus able to take respective measures 
    5965- Real-time Monitoring. 
     66 - The real-time monitoring puts us ahead and informs us at all times the state of our monitored equipment, thus anticipating possible major problems caused by hardware failure or anything else. 
    6067- Decentralized Backups. 
     68 - The advantage of decentralized backup is that we will always have a copy no matter what happens with the broken system. We usually save duplicate copies in two different locations. 
    6169- Security Auditions and Pen-tests. 
     70 - We perform tests of intrusion and supervised routine checks on our equipment and our customers. We highly appreciate the protection of data and help our customers meet current regulations in their country. We also offer this service to non-customers. 
    6372== Certifications ==